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Monday, February 26, 2018

Board Books About Colours

The adventures of "Toddler and Teacher-Mom" continue! This post highlights some of my 16 month old's favourite books that feature colours. To be honest, I do not read these books with him to explicitly teach him his colours. I simply try to follow his lead and use what he is interested in to my advantage when looking for new books and activities. He has recently shown an interest in colours and currently he points to things and insists everything is "geen" which I think is fantastic! :) 

All of the books listed below are board books. Some of these are available in other formats but for my son's current age, I prefer to choose only board books because I like to keep them out in a bin that he can access whenever he wants (and I never have to worry that he will rip the pages).

Color Wonder Hooray for Spring by Chieu Anh Urban

Toddler's review: This has been one of Clark's favourite books for most of his life. He absolutely LOVES this book. He loves the critters and he loves the colour wheel. He will sit and spin the wheel for what seems like forever (in toddler time).
Mom's review: This book has two colour wheels that spin to show primary and secondary colours. Although that part goes over Clark's head, I know this will be a book we can pull out as he gets older and is ready to grasp the concept of colour mixing. If you can find this book, I highly recommend it!

Colors by Jane Foster

Toddler's review: There is something about the illustrations in Jane Foster's books that Clark loves. They are simple, bold, and bright. We have read this one a million times!
Mom's review: This is a straightforward colour book that has two pictures on each page.  My favourite part of this book is that it has a page for the colour "turquoise" which you rarely see in children's colour books.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin Jr.

Toddler's review: Clark is a huge fan of the big board book version that we borrowed from our local library. He likes to point to all the animals on the final page and is mesmerized by the page with all of the children. He highly recommends that you find this book in the large format!
Mom's review: Could there be a list of toddler colour books without "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"? To be totally honest, this isn't my favourite book to read because it is soooo repetitive. However, that is EXACTLY why kids love it. The text is simple and predictable which is perfect for this age. We also own a copy of "Baby Bear, Baby Bear" which is great.

Fun with Colors by Holly Brook-Piper

Toddler's review: Clark adores this book! The pages have a bit of a texture on them which he thinks is neat. One of his first words was "banana" so he is always excited when we turn to the yellow page.
Mom's review: Any book that promotes healthy eating is a hit with me. I love the illustrations - each page has a white background which makes the fruit pop. This has been one of my "diaper bag books" and has saved me many times.

Brown Bear Color Book by Jane Foster

Toddler's review: This book is one of Clark's favourite to flip through on his own. He likes that you can see the bear in the window on each page.
Mom's review: When I picked this book out from the library, I figured it would be similar to all of the other Jane Foster board books we have... boy, was I wrong (it's even better)! This is a larger board book than the other Jane Foster book mentioned in this list and it also has more words. The flower on the last page that the holes make is stunning!

Colors in the Cold by The Rookie Toddler

Toddler's review: Clark often asks to read this book several times in a row. He likes to point out the winter clothing items on each page. The fact that it highlights the clothing colours is a bonus!
Mom's review:  I love that this book features real pictures instead of illustrations.  I love the "Rookie Toddler" series. As a teacher, I think these are well thought out to teach the concepts they are designed for.


Edible Colors by Jennifer Vogel Bass

Toddler's review: This book is an honourable mention because it isn't one of Clark's favourites... yet! ;) I think this will become one of his favourites very soon.
Mom's review: I adore this book. I think it's a wonderful way to introduce different fruits and veggies to toddlers. I have learned a thing or two from flipping through it.

Thank you so much for reading this post. As always, if you have any book recommendations, PLEASE comment below. We would really appreciate it! :)
-Ms. Makinson

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Disclaimer: The links in this post are NOT affiliate links. I simply chose Amazon because it was easier. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Books for 12-18 Month Olds

My son, Clark, is currently 16 months old and has started enjoying books that have more words and follow more of a storyline. Yay! This makes reading the same book 100 times a day much more interesting for me. We try to exchange books at our local library once every two weeks (and sometimes sooner). Below is a list of board books that he has been loving recently. 

Please, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

Toddler's review: Clark loves that there is a page where the panda appears to be upside down. It threw him for a loop the first time we read it. 
Mom's review: I love that this book incorporates colour recognition as well as how important it is to use our manners. Lovely illustrations! I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series. 

Dinosaur VS. Bedtime by Bob Shea

Toddler's review: Clark thinks it is hilarious when anyone reads him this book because there are a lot of dinosaur sounds to be made. 
Mom's review: I love that this book is simple and fun to read. In the end, bedtime wins... which is always a plus! Good sleep habits can never be modelled enough.

Busy Garage by Rebecca Finn

Toddler's review: Clark loves that this book has tabs to push and pull. He has learned a lot of vocabulary from this book. 
Mom's review: I love the illustrations in this book. Every time I read this book, I notice something new to point out and talk about. There are MANY books in this series and I would love to purchase more. This is a great book to keep in the car or your diaper bag. 

Goodnight, Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann

Toddler's review: Clark loves the animals in this book and enjoys finding the balloon on each page (nice touch!). 
Mom's review: This book is a classic for a reason. It is easy to read but also visually appealing. 

Yellow Copter by Kersten Hamilton

Toddler's review: Clark loves the sounds the helicopter makes. I have heard from mom friends with little ones around Clark's age that they are also huge fans of this book. There is something about it that kids love!
Mom's review: I will be honest, at first, I didn't care much for this book but, I have definitely grown to like it. The story is action packed and I love that one of the main characters is a teacher. :) 

Thank you for reading! Comment below if you have a book suggestion - we would really appreciate it.
-Ms. Makinson

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall Activities - FREE Pumpkin Letter Match

Today in Southern Ontario it is 28 degrees and feels like 36 (which is 82 feels like 97 for my American friends)! I am still on maternity leave but I am definitely thinking of my teacher friends who are in their ridiculously hot classrooms (most do not have AC). Yikes!
HOWEVER, it is officially FALL... and I think I am finally looking forward to cooler weather. 

Check out some of my fall related activities below and help yourself to a FREEBIE! 

Thanks for reading,
Ms. Makinson



Sunday, February 5, 2017

$10 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!

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My wish list is 8 pages long... yikes! But, the number one thing I want is this clip art set by Whimsy Clips - SO CUTE!
Winner will be emailed the code for their gift card when the giveaway closes! :) Good luck!!!

-Ms. Makinson

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Pick 3 Pins

I am linking up with Pawsitively Teaching, Just Reed, and Inspired Owl's Corner to share my top 3 favourite pins for the month of February!

Aren't these Love Monsters adorable? What a fun Valentine's Day craft!

This is a great idea for a class party. Cutting the cheese into little hearts makes it that much more appealing! :)

I love the idea of non-candy valentines and I think this would be a great option to give to students! It looks like this particular pack has 8 crayons in it and is from Target (hopefully from the Dollar Spot!).

Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out all of the other fantastic pins by clicking on a picture below.

-Ms. Makinson

Monday, January 18, 2016

January Pick Three Pinterest Pins

I have taken a few months off, but I am so glad to be back! This is my favourite linky. Thank you to PAWSitively Teaching, Just Reed, and Inspired Owl's Corner for hosting.

I thought this idea would be a super cute project for a 2D shape unit! It would make a fantastic bulletin board display. It would be neat to see how different each student's final product looks.

Wow... don't you think this cloud dough would smell delicious? I like to make sensory bins with edible ingredients (just in case) but maybe this one would be too appetizing! :) 

This is a great project for those students needing a little extra fine motor practice! Instead of using the little dot stickers, you could also use q-tips and paint (or the end of a pencil).

Thank you for reading,
Ms. Makinson

Sunday, November 1, 2015

2000 Followers Celebration Giveaway

First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my 2000+ followers! I am so grateful for your support. I can't believe it and I am so excited! :)
This week, I am celebrating YOU by having giveaways, flash freebies, and a sale. Be sure to check out my Facebook page and Instagram for announcements about flash freebies and product giveaways! I will be having a 20% off sale for my entire store from Thursday, November 5th until the end of Friday, November 6th. I am also giving away two $10 TpT gift cards. The gift card giveaway will start November 2nd and run until November 9th. I will announce the winners shortly after! :)

Thank you for celebrating with me!
-Ms. Makinson

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